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Python Tutorial

Learn everything you need to know about Python, start with the basics then practice with intermediate and advanced excercises!
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Start Learning Python
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How does it work

Just follow the instructions you'll get in each easy step
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Better in Desktop

We recommend you use this interactive tutorial in a desktop browser, this way you'll see clearer what to do.

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2) Practice Looping Lists and Tuples

Looping is one of the most challenging topics to grasp when learning how to code, learn all the possible ways to loop in python, looping lists, touples, dictionaries and other data-structures.

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3) Practice functions

Learn and practice Python Functions: Declaring a functoin, Calling a function, function scopes, nest functions, function recursivity and many other functional concepts.

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4) Master Python (intermediate)

After you finished the begginers, functions and loops series; This series will really prepare you for your next job or any any other programming challenge. Practice everything there you need to know to build algorithms with python, from intermadiate to hard challenges.

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5) Python API Requests

In this series you will Learn HTTP and how to use the Python Requests package to create HTTP Requests GET, POST, PUT, DELETE.